Meet Paul


During my thirty-year career I’ve had the fortune to photograph homes from Palm Springs to Pompeii, spanning a diversity of architectural styles. Along the way my work has introduced me to an amazing array of talented architects, designers, and artists. Through their influence and my own formal art training, my style expresses a contemporary approach to composition with an artist’s eye on light and color.

I’m constantly inspired by modernist art and architecture, expressed through the range of projects on my site. You'll see a world-class public art collection from the University of Texas at Austin, and the 2000-year-old Villa of Oplontis in Italy, which houses beautifully preserved fresco paintings from the early Roman Empire.

My project photography has won design awards including numerous AIA chapters and Interior Design Associations. Hundreds of publications and books have presented my projects, both domestically and internationally. Thanks for visiting the site; perhaps you will see some of your work proudly displayed here!


Paul Bardagjy Photography
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